Private insurances

From over 200 insurances we analyse  your insurances and seek out the most competetivly priced plan for your needs, all this with full service for you.   

To be able to provide you with this complete service we work with 134 of the 162 insurance companies licencensed in the Federal Republic.

Here we provide you with a brief overview of the most important insurance categories.

Capital & financial security

Isn't it nice not to have to worry about money and financial security?

Particularely in the matter of capital formation and retirement provisions you should be thoroughly informed on how to invest your money.

We will show you all possibilities, so  you can relax. In this connection we are completely independent of financial service organisations. This enables us to find the best of all the providers' offers for you.

Clubs & associations

Through this experience we were able to create special insurance tariffs with the clubs and associations, so they can  save up to 45 % of the insurance premium for the individual policy holder.

We have, for example, special liability insurance models so all club members are insured at bureau rates.

If you are interested in saving money for your club or association, do not hesitate to schedule a no-committment consultation  with us

We are active in all areas nationwide.

Communities & churches

Communities and churches also have to save money because of empty coffers.

Therefore, in cooperation with our  communities and churches, we have created a special tariff, which will let you save up to 40 % of the yearly premium.

Special models were developed, for example, in the liability insurance,  which cover entire community or church properties.

In this  case as well, the claim settlement is conducted solely through our company

Would you like to know how you could save money?

Property management insurance

In cooperation with our property management customers we have developed special insurance,enabling you to obtain residential building insurance at up to 40% savings in the yearly premium.

Also for liability insurance special models were developed, in which the delimitation of community property and special property can be accurately reproduced.

Trade & industry

The insurance coverage for trade and industry is just as versatile and distinct as the country's multifaceted business concepts.

This is why we work with you to develop customized insurance coverage for your company.

No matter if simple EDP insurance or company pension plan, we are ready to provide you with help and advice.