Private Versicherungen

Your automobile

Always the most competitive coverage with full service benefits.

to find the most competetive tariff without any effort on your part, we change your insurance nearly every year and you still keep the same contact person as the damage claim settlement is directly handled by us.

Did you know that gross negligence can be covered or that in case of a total loss the original price of a new vehicle (up to 24 month) can be reimbursed.

We will gladly assist you in finding the insurance right for you and your requirements.

Your right

To be in the right and receive your rights are to different things. And trouble lurks everywhere. On the road, on the job, on the internet or with the flat.

So you receive your right without financially ruining yourself, we show you the applicable insurance coverage.


Our service:
Above that, we are completely at your side. We will assist you in choosing a lawyerfor example.

Your health

Your health is your most precious commodity. Without your health and consequently the preservation of your ability to work you and your family could face a financial disaster.

Check if you are insured for reduction in earning capacity or disability. Here you have to pay attention to important details.


The benefits of the statutory health insurance providers are dwindeling and one is not even sure anymore what they cover.